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 SotW Plot Points

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PostSubject: SotW Plot Points   Fri Jul 06, 2012 4:38 pm

~ Wolfram has essentially no allies and lives in fear of being found by the German government.
~ If he and/or his group are captured, he is interrogated and tells the truth of his situation, but most of the soldiers don't believe him (and possibly someone wants to hold him captive or execute him?) Patton is the only one who does.
~ Takes Patton in the lab and shows him his experiments.
~ Possible future alliance?
~ (Maybe in the farther future, Wolfram attempts to switch sides and use his experiments to help the allies.)

~ Wolfram has not yet created a 100% successful experiment. His best one is only partially functional and lives on a 'life support' system built into its back. Has no mouth or eyes. Has a replaced leg and limps. It is the only one kept in a cage. The others are suspended in chemical vats and are non-functional.

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SotW Plot Points
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