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 Notes on the Black Box

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Captain Raptor
Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor

PostSubject: Notes on the Black Box   Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:16 pm

What it is:
The Box is a cubic device whose primary purpose is to manipulate energy. Its origin and reason for existence is unknown. All dimensions are approximately 2 feet. Its weight varies.

What it looks like:
In its normal state, the Box is solidly glossy black. Its surface is pristine, extremely smooth and almost glass-like, with sharp reflections which, oddly, don't reflect as brightly as glass in direct sunlight. It is surrounded by a very thin mist-like aura, which is most noticeable in daylight as a slight shadow. (This is due to energy absorption from its environment.) If it were to increase its energy consumption enough, its reflectiveness would diminish as it absorbs more of the light that would have otherwise bounced off of it.
One of its sides is capable of opening into a large inset aperture that casts a harsh, blue-violet glow. (The aperture is undetectable when it's closed.) The lens is the 'eye' from which it projects its holographic images. If a person were to stand too near when it was functioning, they might get a slight 'sunburn' from extraneous radiation. (Standing directly in the way of the beams would be highly damaging or outright deadly to some.)

Other notes:
It can vary its mass, though its exterior doesn't change to reflect the added mass.
Its aperture is a scanner as well as a projector.
It absorbs a wide spectrum of energy, from visible light, to radio waves, gamma rays, and to an extent, even sound waves and small quantities of solid matter.
It can create solid-holograms of any type of object, machine or creature that it has in its database or can scan.
It is capable of levitation, but doesn't typically use that as a transportation method. Instead, it will project a mobile hologram around itself. This could be some sort of machine, or even a creature, provided its body is large enough to contain the cube.
To escape danger or simply to 'recharge' it will phase itself into the ground, where it will lower its power level to an almost undetectable 'sleep mode' and remain until either the perceived danger has passed or it has absorbed its fill of energy, (possibly geothermal or ambient ground radiation.)

Other other notes:
Its aperture can be used as a window to the inside.
Its interior is ten times the size of its exterior.
The walls are studded with angular blue-white crystalline objects.
In the center of the room is a slowly revolving, flawless spherical crystal, the 'brain' of the being. The sphere is approximately 9 feet in diameter, and floats unsupported.
Beams of white light crisscross the space between the walls and the sphere, bending and weaving around one another in a way that is clearly against the laws of physics.

Possibly more info to come...

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Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor

PostSubject: Re: Notes on the Black Box   Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:39 pm

Nice pic of that, looks cool.
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Notes on the Black Box
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