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 Elvish Magic Duel?

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Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor

PostSubject: Elvish Magic Duel?   Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:51 am

Viirin stepped towards the creature lying against the cold earth. He put his booted foot against its back, making it writhe with pain and let out a soft but threatening growl of sorts. Viirin leaned down towards its head. "Would you like to re-think your decision while you still can?" It snarled, and began to struggle more. His sunk the heel of his worn, grey hiking boots down into its back more, making it screech. Boom. Viirin was sent flying into the air, yelling in surprise and pain. He hit the ground hard, falling from quite a distance. He began to get back up, but a ball of blue energy exploded to his right, and he flew once again, skimming across the harsh, barren landscape next to a ghost town, with no inhabitants. He looked up in time to see the beast preparing for another of its attacks, but he responded in time. He flew up, his white feathered wings propelling him up out of the way, sending one of his own "fireballs" of sorts down at the creature. A explosion sent the creature flying, Viirin landing quickly and taking off in hot pursuit of the creature. He held his right hand out in front of him, a dark purple glow coming from a swirl seemingly cut out of the base of his palm, its color wavering, like a liquid pool of dark purple and black elixir.As the sand and dust cleared, he saw a shape on the move, and fast, running straight at him. He instantly changed course and ran towards the nearest building in the small settlement, but a hundred feet away. He could sense the beast catching up to him now, hearing its footsteps becoming louder behind him. Using his momentum to his advantage, he planted one foot firmly on the wall and kicked off with his next step up the wall. He leaped backwards into the air, spinning midair to face the animals back, and fired a concentrated, purple beam at the beast, making the sand erupt around it, and making Viirin fly backwards, using his wings to help slow his unintentional backpedaling. He wore light brown pants, grey boots. His shirt was of local animal wool. He had the long, white sleeves rolled up. His hair hung long, untidy, unbrushed for a long time. He had stuble along his chin, and going up his jaw line. His rolled up sleeves waved in the wind that was beginning tp pick up, sending sand across the landscape, making it hard to see. Viirin repeatedly careened purple energy beams into the dust cloud, stepping forwards as he did so. The energy blast left a singed feel to the air as he proceeded. All of a sudden, a blue blast came out of the dust, going straight towards his head...
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Elvish Magic Duel?
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