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 Notes on the Noncorporeal Entity

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Captain Raptor
Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor

PostSubject: Notes on the Noncorporeal Entity   Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:43 pm

Name: Does not refer to itself by a name.
Species: Not Applicable
Origin: Unplottable. Not of this physical dimension.

So what do we know?

~ Communicates by creating incredibly realistic hallucinations.
~ It isn’t visible and can’t in itself be detected on sensors of any kind, as it doesn’t exist on the physical plane. However, the Rift World has altered its dimension enough to allow it to overlap the physical one. (It probably wouldn't even be aware of the physical plane without the influence of Rift Energy.)
~ When the dimensions collided, they created a small tear in spacetime between them, allowing small amounts of Rift Energy to escape and creating a tiny 'black hole' of sorts into which surrounding energy flows. This 'negative-energy' spot is the only way to reliably detect the entity.
~ Has no concept of ‘good’ or ‘evil,’ though its behavior toward individual beings is to a degree influenced by thoughts, emotions and expectations from said beings.
~ Has no true shape, (and no quantifiable boundaries) but may show its presence in endless different ways, depending on the mind it’s communicating with.
~ Can translate thoughts into words in whatever language the other mind understands, though it doesn't do this often, as displays of sensory information speak louder than words.

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Ford Trimotor
Ford Trimotor

PostSubject: Re: Notes on the Noncorporeal Entity   Sun Nov 23, 2014 2:38 pm

Huh... Interesting... There is definitely something there to go on, and that could evolve nicely.
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Notes on the Noncorporeal Entity
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